Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Art of Dusk Maiden of Amnesia

Art of short anime - Tasogare Otome x Amnesia
     Dusk Maiden of Amnesia a.k.a.Tasogare Otome x Amnesia is a 12 episode anime that is under the genre of romance, drama, comedy, psychological and horror. It was adapted from Maybe's manga entitled Tasogare Otome x Amnesia. It is a about a boy named Teiichi Niiya, who studies at Seikyou Private Academy and one day got lost on one of the school's old building. On the old school building he met a girl named Yuko Kanoe whom he realized is a ghost and has an amnesia. She doesn't remember any of her past and the reason how she died. Then Teiichi decided that he will help Yuko gain her memory back and he started by investigating the school's seven ghostly mysteries.

     If you're a fan of psychological,and horror type of anime and not a fan of romance comedy drama, you will probably not like the first half of the anime but as the anime goes along you will probably like it a little better. I would recommend this to you if you're not a hater of romance anime.
     If you're a fan of romance, comedy, and drama type of anime you will probably find this anime interesting and fun. I would recommend you to watch this because it is really fun and interesting.
     If you're a fan of both romance comedy drama and psychological horror type of anime, then I would definitely recommend you this anime. It is really fun and has a unique type of psychological twist to it. If you have time to spare and is not so much busy then it is a must watch for you.

Review on the art of the short anime
     The anime being short has no downfalls for the romance, comedy, and drama genre. There is a little downfall on it being a psychological and horror type of anime. But the only downfall it has is it really has a very light psychological and horror air to it. I personally think that it is made to be that way and is a good thing to be that way, so overall it has no downfall except if the ones watching are waiting for extreme psychological horror twist
     The scenes are made with no boring stuff and is very interesting. It has many funny scenes and would make you go laugh without stopping. The characters are well made and properly introduced, and their airing time are just right for the anime. Overall it is an anime made with no mistake and is really fun and good.

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